Four easy ways to the most of this week

Whether you have three minutes or thirty minutes, here are four easy ways to get the most of this week, to stay positive and get the most out of the days. Enjoy.

If you have one minute
Research shows that looking at cute pictures of baby animals can you more productive. Looking at pictures of baby animals (and it must be baby animals) can help you narrow your attention and become more focused on tasks ahead.  So start your day by taking a minute, and just a minute, to look at some gorgeous pictures. Buzzfeed and Bored Panda have curated lists, but there are plenty of other great sites like this one that has  “adorable” photograph collections “for productivity.”


If you have five minutes
Leave the desk, leave the office and walk around the block. Grab a coffee if you need an excuse, but get outside. And go alone. If it sunny feel the warmth on your skin, if the wind is blowing allow the gusts to rouse you. You don’t have to do anything but get some air, change the scenery and get the blood moving.

If you have fifteen minutes
Commit to a practice of mindfulness. Harvard University researchers have found that as little as fifteen minutes of practice can have significant health benefits. Even better, you can choose the practice that works for you, whether it be breathing exercises, sun salutations, body scans or even a guided mediation.

If you have thirty minutes
Listen to this week’s edition of the ABC’s Best Practice podcasts. These are insightful, interesting and very accessible. Past episodes are available on the website and come highly recommended.

If you have ninety minutes
Come along to the launch of Canberra’s Network of Possibility on Wednesday evening. Connect with others from all walks of life who are committed to acting for positive social change. Tickets are available now and all profits will be donated to the Tara Costigan Foundation.





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