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Ethics for Breakkie: Integrity and ‘Walking the Walk’

November 17, World Philosophy Day

8am to 9:30am,  Canberra Club


It’s world Philosophy Day on 17th November and 200 years after Greek Philosopher Aristotle questioned how ought we to live, we still wonder how to decide between what is right and what is wrong.

Integrity has been in the news a lot lately. And at a time when phrases like ‘conscious corporations’ or ‘principle based leadership’ are all the rage, how can we be guided by our own values as we go about our day? Just how do we make sense of them?
On World Philosophy Day 2016, join me for breakfast and lively conversation to discuss the ways that we connect and engage with our own values. We will talk about how these can direct action and cultivate personal integrity.
I am proud that this event is associated with and made possible by the newly established Network of Possibility.
Call or email me for more information.
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